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Vocational training of the young Executive's priority

Ambriz-vocational training of young people is a priority of the Executive in the development of the country, revealed the day 9 March 2016, Wednesday, in the municipality of Ambriz, Bengo province, the Minister of Public Administration, labour and Social Security (APTSS), Antonio Pitra Neto.

Pitra Neto wove such considerations during the opening act of the formative cycle national 2016, considering that young people are the driving force for the diversification of the economy in all sectors of economic life of the country.

It stressed that the municipality of Ambriz has several potential fisheries and agriculture sectors, in addition to the oil that has been bent the traditional businesses, which helps in diversifying the economy.

For this reason, all the young people and the communities in particular should use its capabilities and synergies for the development of fishing and agriculture in micro, small and medium scale.

The Minister considered that the diversification of the economy also means creating conditions in localities, constituting therefore a duty of the Executive to take vocational training centres in all regions of the country, where there are young people, businesses and entrepreneurs toiling in each region.

The integrated Center of employment and professional training of Ambriz now opened involves masonry courses, computing, locks, low-voltage electricity, computerised Secretariat, plumbing, auto mechanic, commercial cold and entrepreneurship.

It also has meeting rooms, locker rooms, library, Park, parking cars, offices and various services.

Source: Angop

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