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Responsible companies informed about RENT

HuamboDuring the event, which was also presented the draft of the brokerage Unit of labour, the Coordinator of the Observatory of employment and vocational training of the Ministry of Public Administration, labour and Social Security, José Pedro Massunguna, reported that this new version of RENT will run in April across the country.

He explained that the aim is to carry out the registration of existing enterprises in the national territory, whether they are public, private, or mixed cooperatives, to enable the collection of data on your current status and operation.

José Pedro Massunguna said he will be collected exclusively information for the month of March, since the number of employees per company, social condition, what they do, what are the conditions under which they work, their incomes and remuneration structure, in addition to the powers of these workers.

Said to be covered in the Nominal Registration of nationals and Foreign Workers, and foreigners registration is extended to toiling under contract.

As the brokerage Unit of labour, the employment and vocational training Observatory said to be a center of creation of jobs and the supply of skilled workers.

The technician of the integrated Citizen Service (SIAC), João Quitumbo Neto, according to those present at the seminar that the new RENT platform brings new section on-line, via the internet, and offline, through an appropriate computer device.

Reported that the offline version will be available initially in the centres of SIAC and, subsequently, in every public and private companies.

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