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New general employment law answers to the challenges of Time

Luanda – Minister of Public Administration and Social Security Work, Antonio Pitra Neto said on Thursday in Luanda that the new general employment law is a degree that responds to the challenges of time and seeks to find solutions for the generation of jobs, making work and participatory environment.
Antonio Pitra Neto wove these considerations on the sidelines of a visit to the operation of the provision of services pavilions called "to work", located in the neighborhood of Camuxiba, in the District of Samba and Kilamba-Kiaxi.
According to the source, the new general employment law enshrines the two modalities of employment contracts which are contracts for determined period and indeterminate, unlike other laws that today exist in over a hundred countries in embodying, as a rule, the contract by time.
"Our law had an interesting innovation, not joined the contract determined rule introduced as a rule for the time duration of contracts that the parties will define concrete face business conditions, the working conditions and the needs of the economic and social context," he said.
In respect of the issue of worker/student, the law introduces this figure that did not exist in the previous law. Therefore, "we believe that Angola is a country that has a large part of its assets young labour. More than 45 percent of the active labor force is young, the country comes from a process not only of colonization for hundreds of years, as a very painful process for the achievement of independence and reconstruction, also preceded by a period of violence that destroyed and damaged the infras-production structures and prevented the formation of frames ".
Taking into account this reality that the country experienced, argued the ruler, it was considered that a general employment law in Angola should predict the figure of the worker/student, who, according to the new law, shall, at the beginning of the school year, make known to the employer your pretense of studying.
As for speculation that has been extended working hours, Pitra Neto explained that the same holds as the previous degree.
On the other hand, the owner of the folder of public administration said the visit to the "Pro" to assess the degree of implementation, created over roughly two years.
"We visited two pavilions Pro-work and the direction is to provide the management of the private operators with the involvement of local governments, the lifeblood of the community," he said.
The creation of the work is a bet of the Ministry and contribute to the fight against poverty and help boost the micro and medium enterprises.
Source: Angop
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