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National training system Requires better coordination

Luanda – Minister of Public Administration, labour and Social Security, Antonio Pitra Neto said on Tuesday the current month, in Luanda, that the National Vocational Training System requires better coordination, to more specialized training and versatile, differentiated correctly and with adequate geographical coverage to meet the needs of staff and labor for the different sectors of the economy.

The ruler, spoke during the opening of the meeting on "vocational training Results and Challenges", which had as its purpose to enjoy the main indicators on the results produced by the national training System over the years.

According to the source, so that there is better coordination to specialized training will be proposed the strengthening of sectoral coordination structure of vocational training, either at the central level as Hall, composed of representatives of public bodies, social partners, of entities representing employers by industry, as well as experts.

He added that there is an urgent need to improve the mechanisms of coordination between the subsystems of technical-professional education and vocational training, so as to ensure a more efficient and effective utilization of the installed capacity of both subsystems, in particular in rural and peri-urban locales.

Referred, on the other hand, that the organs of the National Institute of employment and vocational training (Inefop) must proceed to completion of the proposed measures, with a view to reducing absenteeism and drop-out trainees during the training cycle, as well as proceed with the implementation of the actions for the conversion and adjustment of the formative offer in relation to centres of demand and market opportunities.

Antonio Pitra Neto said that the National Centre for training of trainers will continue to be given special attention, since the determining factor for the increase of quality and rational expansion of training activity will continue to reside in the reputation and competence of trainers, managers and employees of the training system.

The meeting, closed Tuesday, participated in national MAPTSS directors, heads of Department of the National Institute of employment and vocational training (INEFOP), social partners, among other guests.

Source: Angop

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