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Minister of State and economic coordination agency of visit ENSA

Ministro de Estado e da Coordenação Económica visita agência da ENSAThe Minister of State and economic coordination, Engr. Manuel Vicente, visited, Thursday, March 29, the Agency of the ENSA in SIAC Huambo. The visit happened moments after the the country's economic policy Coordinator inaugurate this Integrated Customer Support Service in the Planalto Central. inaug siac huambo 03

During his stay the novel representation of ENSA, Manuel Vicente – did follow the Minister of Public Administration, employment and Social Security Pitra Neto, and the Governor of the province, Faustino Muteka-became aware of the services rendered and products sold by our company on that compound and received a toast from the hands of retail sales Director, Manuel Assis.

At the time, Manuel Assis mentioned that one of the aims of the Company is to increase and expand the business, serving with quality customers.

"We always want to be close to the population, which is why we are the only insurer in the SIAC's and with the representation level of the country's borders, in order to fulfill one of the requirements of Decree 35/09 about the Compulsory Civil liability insurance," he said.

inaug siac huambo 04Por turn, the Secretary of State stressed, during the opening speech, the SIAC helps population of Huambo, entrepreneurs and enables every citizen to participate in the development of the region.

Stress that witnessed the inauguration of the Act still also called "citizen's Shop", members of the provincial government, religious bodies, traditional authorities. By ENSA attended the directors of Marketing, Augusto Tito Matthew, human resources, Sebastian, and other technicians.

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