SIAC - Serviço Integrado de Atendimento ao Cidadão

Message from the Director

With the aim of modernising public administration and make it more and more efficient, expeditious and next of its users and customers, in September 2007, the Integrated Citizen Service Service was created through the Ministry of Public Administration, labour and Social Security, for the guidance of his Excellency the President of the Republic engineer José Eduardo dos Santos.

The SIAC starts like this, a new model of relationship between the Administration, citizens and enterprises, simplifying the bureaucratic obligations and providing greater transparency in public management with significant advantages for the entire country.

On the one hand, the citizen and the company are beneficiaries, faster and simplified procedures in compliance with your requests. on the other hand, the Government moves forward in the modernisation of its structures, with more agile and effective procedures.

In the same space the citizen can request, Civil Registrar to the identity card, driver's license, Vehicle title, registration of a property Taxpayer card and the payment of Taxes, pension to the Maternity allowance, the admissibility of business certificate company to obtain the Commercial License, General registry of companies and institutions to different deeds.

This model simplification and implies a continued effort in the qualification of the management of public administration in the fields of new technologies, in terms of public service and the fulfilment of deontological values inherent in the civil service.

From 16 July 2013, the SIAC has become an institution certified by the international standard ISO 9001-2008 (International Organization for Standardization/standardization), audited and certified by the certifying company AENOR, Member of IQNET "international certification network, whose process enabled adapt procedures and integrated management processes in accordance with the requirements of the

This is part of the route of a major change, which remains, for its diverse set of services, technologies and processes that deploys, by multiple benefits produced in the life of enterprises and citizens.


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