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Future diploma on domestic investment in professional training

SecretriodeEstadoLuanda-the future Legislation on Domestic work will awaken the need of employees gamble on vocational training in order to raise their knowledge, said today, Friday, in Luanda, the director of the Legal Office of the Ministry of Public Administration and Social Security Work, Jesus Machado.
The fact that it was advanced to the press on the sidelines of the seminar on "the Legal Regime on the Housework", held at the Centre of professional training of Bungo, whose opening act was presided by the Secretary of State for Public Administration, Antonio Paulo, having transmitted to present a message from Minister Antonio Pitra Neto to the commitment of all in the works.
Jesus Machado said that the diploma will allow domestic workers do the professional technical improvement, in addition to other materials that report as being of some importance.
He added that the preliminary draft, in a first approach will typify what is domestic work, in that type of activity is that housework should be exercised, as well as define the contractual legal relationship as the duration of contracts, the figures that the law establishes in this matter.
According to the speaker, the document will also make reference to rights as domestic workers will be the weekly rest, holidays, as well as will present an important matter which is a follow-up to today's emerging on the market, which is the possibility of temporary employment undertakings can recruit these people and put the provision of household primarily.
The Seminar on "Legal Regime" about the Housework "aims to present the draft presidential decree in the form of a graph in order to collect contributions from the social partners such as trade unions, employers ' representatives, civil society, in the sense that in the future the country may have a degree that meets the real circumstances.
The housework is regarded in general law of current Worker and also on general employment law new, which is the law 7/15 of June 15 recently approved, a special regime, it is establishes a relationship of special nature given that the exercise of this activity occurs primarily within the household.
In this sense, there is a set of specific character which justified the legislator considers that this scheme or exercise of that activity came out of the scope of the General employment law in some aspects of its specificity.
The seminar on "the Legal Regime on the Housework", that even ended, was a promotion of the Ministry of Public Administration, labour and Social Security (MAPTSS), through the National Social Security Institute (INSS).
Participated in the event, members of MAPTSS directors, heads of Departments, associations of trade unions, employers, among other guests.
Source: Angop
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