SIAC - Serviço Integrado de Atendimento ao Cidadão

Better service to the citizen

Melhor Serviço ao CidadãoThe Integrated Service of attendance to the citizen (SIAC), the Ministry of Public Administration, labour and Social Security, was distinguished with the award of "best service to the citizen", during the ceremony of delivery of trophies to the winners of the categories of innovation award in the Electronic Governance.

The Integrated Service of attendance to the Citizen received the award more important and the Ministry of finance was the most prominent ministerial department to be awarded with two awards: the "Best Online Service" and the "best service Government-Government".

The head of the Office Organization and information technologies of the Ministry of finance, Simão Neto, said that the award is a result of the effort to improve the services provided to citizens, through the existence of a system geared to the management of public finances.

At the gala, attended by representatives of telecommunications and information technologies of the community of Portuguese language countries (CPLP), the Ministry of Commerce has been awarded with the prize "eGov", while the prize for "Innovation" was awarded to the Ministry of petroleum. The prize "Best Information Portal" was for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the "Promotion of Electronic Governance" for the Local Government Training Institute, the Ministry of administration of the Territory.

Manuel Man, director-general of the National Centre of information technologies of the Ministry of telecommunications and information technologies, said that the Agency intends to create a network between the offices linked to information and communication technologies in public administration, in order to promote the use of these means citizens. "This ceremony that happens every year aims to distinguish the various services within the Public Administration, with an impact between the ministerial departments and in the provision of service to the citizens," explained Manuel Man, whereas were highlighted the best due to a survey developed by the Ministry of telecommunications and information technologies.

During the ceremony were also assigned eight honorable mentions, which were delivered to the National School of Administration (ENAD), the Multiperfil Clinic and the ministries of Justice and human rights, energy and water, planning and Territorial Development, geology and mines.

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