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SecretriodeEstadoLuanda-the future Legislation on Domestic work will awaken the need of employees gamble on vocational training in order to raise their knowledge, said today, Friday, in Luanda, the director of the Legal Office of the Ministry of Public Administration and Social Security Work, Jesus Machado.
The fact that it was advanced to the press on the sidelines of the seminar on "the Legal Regime on the Housework", held at the Centre of professional training of Bungo, whose opening act was presided by the Secretary of State for Public Administration, Antonio Paulo, having transmitted to present a message from Minister Antonio Pitra Neto to the commitment of all in the works.
Jesus Machado said that the diploma will allow domestic workers do the professional technical improvement, in addition to other materials that report as being of some importance.
He added that the preliminary draft, in a first approach will typify what is domestic work, in that type of activity is that housework should be exercised, as well as define the contractual legal relationship as the duration of contracts, the figures that the law establishes in this matter.
According to the speaker, the document will also make reference to rights as domestic workers will be the weekly rest, holidays, as well as will present an important matter which is a follow-up to today's emerging on the market, which is the possibility of temporary employment undertakings can recruit these people and put the provision of household primarily.
The Seminar on "Legal Regime" about the Housework "aims to present the draft presidential decree in the form of a graph in order to collect contributions from the social partners such as trade unions, employers ' representatives, civil society, in the sense that in the future the country may have a degree that meets the real circumstances.
The housework is regarded in general law of current Worker and also on general employment law new, which is the law 7/15 of June 15 recently approved, a special regime, it is establishes a relationship of special nature given that the exercise of this activity occurs primarily within the household.
In this sense, there is a set of specific character which justified the legislator considers that this scheme or exercise of that activity came out of the scope of the General employment law in some aspects of its specificity.
The seminar on "the Legal Regime on the Housework", that even ended, was a promotion of the Ministry of Public Administration, labour and Social Security (MAPTSS), through the National Social Security Institute (INSS).
Participated in the event, members of MAPTSS directors, heads of Departments, associations of trade unions, employers, among other guests.
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Luanda- A Mechatronics workshop of Integrated Technological Training Center (Cinfotec) will be inaugurated Tuesday, in Luanda, by the Minister of public administration, labour and Social Security, Antonio Pitra Neto.

The Mechatronics practice room is equipped with 2 hydraulic lifts and 4 columns, diagnostic equipment (DS708), Workbench metal head, battery test MDX-335P with printer, battery charger, Focuser headlights, car mechanic, silent compressor tool, among many other essential components for the future auto mechanics.

Training units are Ford vehicles also donated to the institution. The investment of the practice room is budgeted at 20 million Kwanzas under a partnership between Robert Hudson who support the project and the Cinfotec.

Opened in September 2008, 2 the Cinfotec is an initiative of the Ministry of Public Administration, labour and Social Security (MAPTSS) in the framework of its mission of training of labour and employment promotion.

The Center aims to be an important support for Angolan and foreign companies achieve the highest levels of technological update and qualification of its human resources.

To do so, offers integrated solutions for professional training, technology transfer, consultancy and technical assistance, and a set of products and services that contribute to raise the productivity and competitiveness of Angolan industry.

The Cinfotec has graduated close to 7000 Angolans, in the areas of mechanics and production, ICT – information and communications technology, Mechatronics and Electricity metrology.

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Mário InacioLuanda-the concentration of a single physical space in the provision of various administrative and business sector services, public and private, as well as providing the user a high standard of care with quality and efficiency are part of the objectives of the Integrated Services Citizen Service (SIAC).

The reaffirmation was made on Thursday in Luanda, by the head of Department of public and private services of SIAC, Mario Ibrahim, on the margins of the seminar on "the African Public Service Day" held under the theme "the role of the public sector on women's empowerment, innovation and accessibility to service delivery systems". Mario Ibrahim stepped forward that the SIAC aims to bring the citizens of the State, to know their rights and duties, promoting citizenship.

"As a public institution with high standards of service and quality in the provision of public and private services give the need to fully meet the customer," he said.

Pointed out the bureaucracy or simplification of the provision of services, provision of appropriate environmental and physical condition to the citizen and Unification of standards of care in the public sector and in the private sector as some of the quality policies of the SIAC.

Part of this plan, respect for the wearer, legality in the exercise of its functions, professional competence, impartiality, transparency, accountability, fairness, effectiveness and efficiency.

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HuamboDuring the event, which was also presented the draft of the brokerage Unit of labour, the Coordinator of the Observatory of employment and vocational training of the Ministry of Public Administration, labour and Social Security, José Pedro Massunguna, reported that this new version of RENT will run in April across the country.

He explained that the aim is to carry out the registration of existing enterprises in the national territory, whether they are public, private, or mixed cooperatives, to enable the collection of data on your current status and operation.

José Pedro Massunguna said he will be collected exclusively information for the month of March, since the number of employees per company, social condition, what they do, what are the conditions under which they work, their incomes and remuneration structure, in addition to the powers of these workers.

Said to be covered in the Nominal Registration of nationals and Foreign Workers, and foreigners registration is extended to toiling under contract.

As the brokerage Unit of labour, the employment and vocational training Observatory said to be a center of creation of jobs and the supply of skilled workers.

The technician of the integrated Citizen Service (SIAC), João Quitumbo Neto, according to those present at the seminar that the new RENT platform brings new section on-line, via the internet, and offline, through an appropriate computer device.

Reported that the offline version will be available initially in the centres of SIAC and, subsequently, in every public and private companies.

Director geral da OIT inteira-se do funcionamento do SIAC em TalatonaThe director general of the International Labour Organization (ILO), Guy Ryder, heard today, Wednesday, in Luanda, the functioning of the Integrated Customer Support Services (ICASS) in Talatona, in the course of his three-day visit to Angola, which began today, may 6.

On occasion, the representative of the ILO, in the company of the Minister of Public Administration, labour and Social Security, Antonio Pitra Neto, toured the various departments of the SIAC as notary records areas, stores the Unitel, TAAG and received information from the operation of the Institution by its director-general, Anselmo Mathew.

The ILO representative, who refused to give a statement to the press, also visited the integrated technological training Center (Cinfotec) and the School of hotel and restaurant management.

Yet in the course of his stay in Angola, Guy Ryder met with employers, Members of the National Assembly, unions, among others.

The director-general of the ILO, Guy Ryder, and the accompanying delegation provide also a movement, Thursday (7), Lunda-Sul, where visiting Sociedade Mineira de Catoca and will attend the inauguration of the Integrated Centre of employment and professional training of level III, and the Provincial Services of INEFOP. Second in the program, on the last day of visit, Friday (8), Guy Ryder should be received in the Presidency of the Republic. Then will deliver a lecture on "current challenges of the Contemporary Economy and the context of labour relations".

The lecture is aimed at members of Parliament, members of the Executive and Responsible of human resources body of public and private companies.

Guy Ryder is in Angola within the framework of the existing cooperation between the Republic of Angola and the ILO, which this country has been a member since 1976. His visit aims to strengthen the existing cooperation ties between the Angolan Executive and this world Organization, in the area of decent work and an exchange of views with the employers and trade unions.

Bengo: Seminário sobre SIAC reuniu participantes de empresas estatais e privadasThe seminar, promoted by the Provincial Directorate of public administration, labour and Social Security, in partnership with the SIAC, addressed aspects of the practical handbook of civility of the worker and the structure of the population employed in the business sector, as well as the wages and collective agreements for monitoring the employment legislation.

Issues relating to the control and monitoring of the evolution of the labour force in the business sector, business structures, operation of brokering units of labour of SIAC and the practical handbook of civility for workers, were also themes of the meeting.

In his speech, the Bengo provincial director of public administration and Social Security Work, Michael John Smith, it was considered important, "the brokerage unit of labour of SIAC, to allow an intermediary between the employer and the worker".

Miguel da Silva said furthermore that his Department will continue to bring information to firms toiling in the province, about the practical handbook of civility for workers, with a view to preserve the moral and civil values, between the employer and employee.

For its part, the local coordinator of the SIAC, Maria Isabel, qualifcou to the formation of valuable, stressing that it will facilitate the Stateowned and private technicians to work on the basis of statistical data for the success of their work activities.

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